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Background Information

Marc Kahlberg has spent several years, both as an active Police Officer and more recently in the private sector, hosting a unique security related “Experience Israel’ - “training while you tour” program. This program offers exclusive opportunities, taking you behind the scenes and affording you the opportunity to see the most modern and updated security technology used to keep Israel safe. Marc is highly decorated and well respected throughout the police community, he has instructed around the globe as well as in Israel. As such, he has personal high-level contacts in Israel that will allow you to take advantage of unique networking opportunities within the agenda of the program. Marc, over the past Decade, both while serving as an active polie officer and more recently in the private sector has hosted and trained scores of Law Enforcement students that have visited Israel.
During the “Experience Israel” training tour you will have your own, personal room at the 5 star Hotel, the Dan Panorama, located on Tel Aviv’s beautiful Mediterranean Ocean.
Our program is not based on politics. We introduce you to the people who have “been there and done that”. You will be the personal guests of chiefs of police and decision makers, and you will also meet the ‘first responders’ those, ‘on the ground’ who certainly know and understand best what is necessary to save lives. Learn the “real-deal” from the men and women who live it every day.
We will take you into the “Eye of the Storm", an exclusive learning tour into the heart of Hebron. You will have the opportunity to see first- hand how the police there are dealing with a daily volatile situation. You will feel the adrenalin, but be completely safe and will be the guests of the Israeli Police Commander. This opportunity is unique and not to be missed!
The Gaza Strip is World headline news almost every day! You will have an unprecedented view of this often volatile region, at the border, and through “technology of the 22nd Century”. You will learn how the Israeli’s are using this technology to secure these sometimes hostile borders and visit some of the companies that develop this essential life saving technology.
You will be able to learn the methodology and tactics used to keep Israel’s Citizen’s safe, from a policing and home front command aspect as well as see how Israel’s citizens work together in creating a safer environment . Meet and learn from the special people who deal with the burden of trauma.
Understand the characteristics and mentality of Israel’s Bedouin, Druze and Moslem community. You will be able to take back an abundance of information and employ it right away in your community, whether it is for countering terror or reducing crime and delinquency.
The “Secure Zone Concept” that was developed by M.K International Security Consulting Marc Kahlberg and is implemented in many cities of the world including Australia, Europe and South Africa leading up to the 2010 soccer world cup. This concept was also implemented into US Law Enforcement who adopted this concept while training with Marc in Israel.

1. How do I finance this trip?
If you are from the US, you may seek the advice of Mr. Jim Gort, who will explain to you the requirements from the Department of Homeland Security.(MK International Security Consulting Ltd has registered travelers who have been approved for funding by DHS.) M.K.ISC has a packet that may help you with your quest for DHS funding, and we will provide you with the correct state contacts. Departments in the past have used UASI, Second Dollar Funds, and local grants to attend this training. Some have even approached local synagogues and churches that have sponsored them.

2. What is the price and what does it include?
The price of the training is $3,950. This is all-inclusive bar the return air fare. There are no hidden costs. With the flurry of discounts and other reward-based airline incentives, we have learned that it is best (and a better cost savings) to leave the R/T flight to Tel Aviv to you. As such, the above price does not include the flight to Tel Aviv.
Full transportation while in Israel, a luxury hotel on the beach with your own room, all meals - all top quality restaurants, fully guided tours at all times and specifically at the Holocaust Museum, the Old City of Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea as well as other attractions and all of the training and lectures. The only extra money you will need is for souvenirs and personal entertainment.

3. How do I guarantee myself a seat?
The sooner you contact us, the better. Registration is based on a “first come, first served” basis and the trips do fill up and are limited to 15 people.

4. How do I guarantee myself a seat?
The sooner you contact us, the better. Registration is based on a “first come, first served” basis and the trips do fill up and are limited to 15 people.

5. What does the training consist of?
This is a fully hands-on security academic training trip with the opportunity to tour while you learn. You will travel from one end of the country to the other and meet with only subject matter experts who truly understand what it takes to protect their homeland. You will visit police stations, malls, schools, hospitals, transportation hubs, trauma centers etc.

6. Where will we stay?
The Dan Panorama Hotel, located in Tel Aviv. This is Israel’s leading business hotel, which has received very high ratings from previous guests.

7. Will you provide references from past trips?
Yes! We post testimonials on our website and we will provide contacts for references and you can speak directly to past attendees. We encourage you to talk to them. We have hosted police, fire-rescue, politicians, congressional assistants, congressional candidates, media personal, city-managers, CEO’s, business executives, and private security personnel from five different continents. This training tour is sanctioned and authorized by the Israel Ministry of Defense.

8. How safe is it?
Israel is an extremely safe country. Safety-wise, it would be safer than visiting Paris, Madrid or Tokyo. You will have armed professionals with you every day for your personal sense of security, and there is armed security at your hotel 24/7.

9. Can I get a refund for the cost of my trip?
Please see the registration document  

10. Will I be doing physical/ tactical training?
IThis training is not a tactical course. It is hands-on, but will not be physical. 

11. Do you have a “spouse program”?
Yes! Israel is one of the top vacation spots in the world. You can bring your spouse or significant other along with you. Call us for more details.

12. What is the next step?
TContact us directly at or to ensure your registration, or simply download the registration document and Email it back to us. You will be able to make three separate payments leading up to the date of the trip using a credit card or simply doing a bank transfer. You will receive an invoice and receipt that may be tax deductable. Call us for more information and any questions that you may have.

“The most committed always wins”
Are you committed?

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